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How to Enable OEM Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 5

If you want to Xiaomi Mi5 unlock the bootloader, then you first enable the OEM to unlock option on your device because it is necessary for bootloader your smartphone. In this Article, we tell about Xiaomi Mi 5 how you can enable the OEM unlock. In this article say about Xiaomi Mi 5 with easy steps, you can quickly open OEM on your Xiaomi Mi 5 device.

Before you enable the OEM unlock option in Xiaomi Mi 5, you must follow these rules and Unlock Xiaomi Mi 5 device. Just allowing OEM open is not enough for the bootloader, In the developer option, Mi Account requires and add your Mi Account login and then bootloader your smartphone.

Mi5 Eng

Below mention how to enable the OEM Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 5 and Bootloader

Enable OEM Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 5 step by step

  • First, activate the developer option on your Xiaomi Mi 5.
  • After activated developer option, return to Settings and Tap on Additional Settings option.
  • Developer options, you will find a new menu and tap on it.
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  • Find and enable the OEM Unlocking option on Xiaomi Mi 5.
  • Now in Xiaomi Mi 5 Unlock Status and add your Xiaomi Mi Account and login in Mi Account.
How to Enable OEM Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 5 1
  • Finally, you have successfully enabled OEM Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 5. All Done!
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