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How To Create An Animated Image Online

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  • How To Create An Animated Image Online

Sometimes it may have crossed your mind to make a gif or an animation, with two or three images, since it is a fun detail to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter or on Tumblr. The methods to make a gif are many, since it is possible to do them with Photoshop, Gimp and other graphic editing programs, but you do not always have the time and desire to do it, especially if the idea is from one moment to the next And if you would have liked to do it in five minutes, not counting that you probably already have all the separate images to animate.

How To Create An Animated Image Online

In short, if what you are looking for is an online service that can prepare images for you and convert them into a gif, you should try

Using it is like child’s play. Just open them in the main home of the site, very practical and intuitive, and click on the green Add Pictures buttons. Right after opening the folders to find the images, you will have to convert them into an animated gif, pressing ctrl while selecting the images.

Another little trick is to select the images in the order in which you want to develop the animation. Once the design is finished you must click on Continue and there you can choose the animation speed, also customizable and the dimension in addition to the category in which you want to save it, you can also choose a private or a public category.

After finishing your gift you can download it, share the direct link, use codes or share in forums?
After a download you can customize it in Paint with Art Attack effects, with just 5 minutes. The interface and design of this program is fascinating in general. Let us know your opinions!

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