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WordPress is one of the famous blogging platforms. It is most prominent because of its awesome plugins. Hence, there is a little drawback in WordPress, which is related to its security.

According to many WordPress users and developers that WordPress can be hacked and affected easily. So, it is suggested for the users that they should use Security plugins for their blogs in order to save their masterpieces.

Therefore, I have got the list of top 6 best WordPress Security plugins, which are completely secure and famous.

You may use any of the below WordPress security plugin and can make your blog completely secured from hacking attempts.

iThemes Security

iThemes security which formerly known as Better WP Security, is one of the best WordPress security plugins.  It takes care of many sensitive areas of your blog and try to protect them.

It protects your site with more than 30 ways. It simply hides your personal information like; Admin, login details etc. I would say that it is the complete pack that makes your blog safe and secure.

Acunetix WP Security


Acunetix WP Security is the free WordPress security plugin. It helps you to make your WordPress blog completely secure and safe.

It also suggests the security measure for your blog which means it highlights the areas and suggested you to make it more secure.

It makes your WordPress installation secure, ensure admin protection and login details of your blog. It is completely free plugin.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is another famous and awesome WordPress security plugin. It protects your WordPress blog against RFI, CRLF, Base64, Code Injection, SQL Injection, XSS and it effectively blocks and stops hacking attempts.

It can protects your configurations, installations, admin, login details and all the aspects that can be hit for hacking. It supports the WP version 3.0 or above.

All in One Security and Firewall

This is another splendid and really appreciable security plugin. All in One Security Firewall includes extra firewalls to make your blog secure. It is said that this plugin secures your site from each side.

It gives you different measures and gives you a report about the security measure of your blog. The awesome thing about it is that it does not affect your blog’s speed and it is completely free as well.


Wordfence is also a free WordPress security plugin.  Wordfence makes your blog secure, however, along with that, it makes your blog 50 times faster as well.

When you install this plugin on your blog, then it starts an automatic scan to check that whether your site is affected already or not.

As, I have mentioned above that it is a free tool, but you can also buy a premium version as well where you could enjoy many more features.


Antivirus is the last awesome and best WordPress Security plugin that we have brought for you. It checks your theme, WordPress installations, and other tools and plugins that whether they are affected or not.

It works against malwares, exploits and spam injection. It has too many features and it can be very much helpful to save your work and make your blog secure.


These are the top 6 best WordPress security plugins. I would recommend you guys to use security plugins for your blog, just to be on the safe side and securing your hard-work.

If you have any questions which you like to ask then do share them with us, we will try to remove your queries as soon as possible. Until, do not forget to share these WordPress Security Plugins with your circle, to help them your friends out and make their blogs secure as well.

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