5 Benefits of Sharing Infographics on Your Blog

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Infographics are considered the most effective way of posting and conveying your thoughts to others. Because, you share your content by using some awesome graphic designs, layouts and make it more appealing. There are still some newbies, who are not aware of the benefits of sharing infographics. Most of the newbies think that the bloggers who share infographics are according to their mood. However, actually, they share it to grab the hidden benefits which many of you may don’t know. Therefore, I am sharing these hidden 5 Benefits of sharing infographics on your blog with you guys. You can check those benefits and come to the conclusion that this graphical posting can give you awesome outputs.

I improved one of my blog traffic from 10 Visitors from day to 3000+ per day by creating one High-Quality Infographic

5 Benefits of Sharing Infographics on Your Blog 1

In the above infographic, you can observe that We got many High-quality backlinks for our infographic. This helped us to increase our search traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So now you need to think about infographics! Cool think about quality info-graphics only and before getting started with creating an infographic you need to know how it actually helps so just check below for that !!

We dint worked anything special  on this site, we just created one infographic and  we got the results

5 Benefits of Sharing Infographics on Your Blog 2

1.Helpful for Grabbing Attention

The one and most prime benefit of sharing infographics is that it is helpful for grabbing the attention of your readers. Since, you use different layouts, designs, templates, icons to make your infographic awesome and we all know that all those things are the matter of grabbing attention. According to psychological research, that people get attracted by designs and graphics more, rather than a plain text. So, it is proved that infographics can be helpful for grabbing the attention of your readers.

2.Connect Your Visitors

This benefit is almost connected with the above one. When you share the infographic and people get attracted to it, then it connects them to read it all because of its awesome design. When you use appealing layouts and templates for each of the sections of infographics then the readers would go till the end of it, just because of its design and awesomely representational content. Hence, it keeps your visitors connected to your content that you have provided in the form of creative graphics.

3.Build Backlinks

Along with the general benefits, Infographics sharing has SEO benefits as well. You can submit your infographics to different websites online to get healthy backlinks for your site. We, bloggers, know that backlinks are the key aspect for the success of any blog. There are many high PR websites that you can use to submit your infographics to build quality backlinks for your site. I have listed the top sites for infographic submission below:

These are top sites that you can use to submit your infographic and in return can expect the quality and High PR backlink. There are also many more sites like the above ones.

4.Sign of Professionalism

This is another benefit of sharing infographics. When you share your thoughts and content in a unique way, then it shows professionalism among you. You must have seen that most professional bloggers share infographics on their blogs. The sharing of infographics shows that the blog owner is very much sincere and professional about his/her blog and working hard to promote his skills with different methods and tricks. You get respected among the blogging fraternity as well.

5.It Brings more Shares and Likes

Now it is time to talk about the social aspect of sharing infographics. It is proven that infographics receive more shares and likes than other kinds of posts. It simply boosts your social media appearance. When you get more shares and likes from social media sites, then that means that you are going to receive a good amount of traffic from that as well. So, take infographics seriously and publish them to avail of different benefits.


These are the top 5 benefits of sharing Infographics. I hope you would have loved this article and will share this with your circle and friends. If you have any questions or views about it, then do share them with us. Your questions and views will be welcomed here and your questions will be answered soon. If you find this article helpful, then do not forget to share and like it on social media.

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