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PUBG Mobile Made Over $200 Million In May, Showing Huge Growth

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has dominated the mobile game scene, with a report from Sensor Tower stating that the PUBG Mobile raked in over $200 million last month, which represented 41 percent growth from May 2019. Tencent scooped both first and second place on this report when it came to overall revenue earned, with PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings pocketing an estimated total of $450.5 million combined.

PUBG Mobile saw most of that revenue come from its Chinese share of the market–China made up 53 percent of the game’s earnings last month–with the United States in second place at 10.2 percent of the share. Outside of PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, Roblox took third place when accounting for overall revenue earned in May 2020, beating out the likes of Pokemon GO and Fate/Grand Order.

While Pokemon GO experienced an impressive surge in revenue since May last year, it still wasn’t enough to dethrone PUBG Mobile. Even Fortnite, who has made over $1 billion from microtransactions, didn’t even compare to the earners on Sensor Tower’s top ten list. The battle royale shooter’s Season 13 Royale Pass launched last month, adding a number of in-game unlockables and allowing players who paid for the Elite pass to earn exclusive rank rewards. There’s also the matter of the Fire Ranger and Ice Ranger skins that players can now access as part of Season 13, in keeping with the content’s toy-like theme.

PUBG Mobile has seen a number of quality of life changes since first hitting the market, with the most recent being an update to the notification season to make tracking one’s in-game progress easier. With Season 14 poised to hit around July, it’ll be exciting to see what other changes are in store and if PUBG Mobile can keep its place on the throne for this month’s revenue projections.


S Hasan Khan

Author At Total Information

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