Top Best Earphones Under 500-600 Rupees 2021

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It would not be wrong to say that the competition between brands like boAt, Xiaomi, JBL, and Redmi has enabled us with a wide range of options even on a starting budget of 500 rupees. Despite the affordable pricing, these earphones are made with a decent quality of plastic, silicone, and metal materials. The thing we liked most about these earphones priced below 500 rupees is that the brands have maintained sound quality and Bass in a pretty balanced manner. So, if you are looking for the best quality earphones on a tight budget, you are At The Right Place.

Boat Bassheads 152

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Starting our list with Boat Bassheads that have a comfortable angled earpiece design and thumping sound quality. The earpiece is made of metal that gives ita sturdy feel. The wires of the earphones also feel strong, but careful handling is still required.


Earphones are equipped with a 10mm driver, that produces crystal clear and bass-rich sound. You also get an in-line microphone to control your audio tracks and calls. Overall, the earphones have an impressive design alongside strong sound drivers that makes them one of the best earphones under 500.

Audio Technica ATH –CLR100BK

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Earphone With BestSound Audio Technica ATH is a robust build and ergonomically designed earphones that are soothing to the eyes.


The earpiece is made of plastic material makes it light. Eartips of the earphones are made of silicone material that helps you to carry them for long hours without any skin irritation. The earphones include an 8.5 mm driver that can produce precise sound on mid and highs. thanks to High Acoustic Resolution technology. You will not hear any distortion in sound quality while listening to music at the peak volume level. The sound quality of the earphones is good and you can spend your money on this earphone without a doubt. This earphone can be a very good choice if you want a budget-friendly and best earphones under 500.

Infinity Zip 100 – JBL

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Earphone With Best FitInfinity is a decent brand that keeps introducing quality audio accessories, and Infinity Zip100 is one of them. Infinity Zip 100 is an in-ear style earphones that can be a smart buy for you if you are looking for the best earphones under 500.


The build quality of the earphones is average, where the earpiece is made of plastic, while the wire is delicate which needs utmost care. You get a 9mm driver in this earphone, that gives a booming audio experience and has clean vocals. This can be a perfect choice for those who love to listen to EDM and Hard rock music. The mic of the earphone also supports GoogleAssistant which you can activate by pressing the mic thrice.

Realme Earbuds – 2

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User-Friendly EarphoneRealme is a popular smartphone brand and has been producing performance-oriented smartphones. The company also seems promising in the audio accessory segment.


Realme earbuds is a well-designed earphone coupled with amazing sound quality. The earphones are made of metal, which makes them durable, while the magnetic mechanism gives you a tangle-free experience. The ear tips are soft and fit perfectly in the ear canal. Realme earphones are also performance-centrists it offers you 11mm sound driver which produces clean vocals. The audio works well at all the mids and high. The earphones also contain an inline mic that can assist you in all your tasks. Realme is a reliable brand that is why we have included Realme earbuds in our list of best earphones under 500.


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Top Rated Earphone JBL, without a doubt, our favorite brand, and our first choice in terms of audio accessories always JBL. This JBL piece of earphones is none less than the best and that is why it has earned a spot on our list of best earphones under 500 segments


JBL is known for its signature sound, which it offers in this earphone. You get an 8.6mm driver that has JBL signature bass-rich sound and produces loud audio with clarity. Minor distortion may take place if you are notching up the volume level, but that is negligible. The earpiece is made of plastic material which can cause skin problems if you wore them for long, while the cable is also delicate which needs to be handled carefully. You get one control button embedded in themic, that can help you to manage all the stuff.

Philips SHE

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Must Buy EarphonePhilips is one of the oldest and reliable brands in the audio accessories market. Philips SHE is a sleek and elegant earphone coupled with a promising audio performance that can be your perfect pick

Boult Bassbuds Loop

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Budget-Friendly Earphone Boult has some of the best audio gadgets out there in the market. Boult Bassbuds Loop is one such quality earphone that is priced just under 500, making it budget-friendly.


The overall build quality of the earphone is impressive at this price point. The earphone is crafted with plastic material making it lightweight. The angled design of the earphone fits firmly inside the ears. The cable is tangle-prone so you need to be careful while handling it. The Gold plated straight jack makes sure that you get the best sound output out of the earphones. The earphone is sweat and water-resistant, which is difficult to find at this price point. Boult Bassbuds Loop comes with 12mm aluminum sound drivers. The sound output of the earphones is well toned and balanced with every genre. Whether it’s rock or melody, the sound quality is pleasing. You get one multi-function button to take calls and change tracks.

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